Condor Urban Go Pack Written Review

URBAN!!! Blasphemy!

I know, I know. You see “urban” and think “pffff… can’t be worth a damn. What do urban people know about bushcraft packs?”

Well, on Friday (03/22/13) I received my Condor Urban Go Pack. It was late, nearly 7pm when UPS ding-dong-ditched my package on my door step. I didn’t have time to really get my hands under the hood. So I had to wait.

I woke up early Saturday to dissect my new toy. The first thing I went for was my first worry. “Is there going to be a designated area for my water bladder?” I thought. Which was one of the reasons I was very hesitant in purchasing it.

I start poking and prodding all the pockets. The first one I noticed was a small pouch, the zipper only being maybe 4.5inches. I open it up and the interior of the pouch is a microfiber material. AH HA! Its for cameras, IPods, phones, other electronics. I move on to the smaller pouches in the front. The first being what I imagine would be used for notepads, pencils, etc. The second lower had a mesh fabric that I knew was going to be perfect for my fire kit and it could still accomadate my tarp easily. Next, the side pouches. Both the same size, approximately the size of the Maxpedition bottle holder maybe slightly taller. Perfect for my fishing kit, snare wire, cordage and the other side for my Rite in the Rain Field Book, Bacho, and Mora. Finally I get to the main compartment. Its quite roomy with a mesh suspended zippered pouch on the front side. Pretty straight forward there.

“Wait… what about my water bladder? Damnit! Hold on… hold on… whats this? Oh yeah, the “laptop” compartment. Is there a port in case someone wants to use it a bladder compartment?”
No there wasn’t. But I fixed that easily enough with a poke from the Mora on the interior wall. Both sides of my newly acquired hydration pouch are padded. I’m assuming to prevent damage to what was supposed to be a laptop. But it works well and makes the bladder that much more comfortable on my back even full.

The bottom of the pack and all the pouches have drain holes. Also, the bottom has straps for a bedroll system or what have you. On each side of the pack there are hand holds and one on top. Three handles… seems overkill to me.

After gearing it up to beyond what I normally carry I put it on. The first complaint is that the hand hold at where the shoulder straps meet is too far from the pack. It feels like I should be wearing it higher but the handle is preventing that. We’ll see if that become an issue in the future. The waist straps wear very good and accomadate my girth very well with room to spare. The chest straps are nothing to write home about but I am biased towards them all. None seem to do the job well for me.

So far I enjoy this pack. I thinks it main downfall will be LONG hikes. That handle digging into my neck could be a problem. I’d give it, with my limited use an 8 out of 10.

Description :
– Padded laptop sleeve, with zipper closure, and will fit up to 15.4″ laptop.
– Main compartment with document sleeve, and mesh pocket.
– Quick – access gadget pocket.
– Top front compartment with organizer panel.
– Bottom front compartment with mesh pockets for other
– Two side pockets, for power supply, nalgene bottles…etc
– Import

> Heavy weight webbing for modular attachments.
> Padded backing w/ Mesh Re-Enforcement for airflow.
> Detachable padded waist belt.
> Sternum strap.
> Side compression straps.
> Grommets on all compartments

Measurements: 18″ H x 12″ W x 7″ D (main compartment)
8″ H x 8″ W x 2.5″ D (top front compartment)
6″ H x 12″ W x 2.5″ D (bottom front compartment)
11.5″ H x 5″ W x 1.5″ D (side compartment)

3 Responses to “Condor Urban Go Pack Written Review”

  1. Ludo San says:

    You do realize that the main compartiment has special room made for a water bladder provided with two velcro straps to hang the bladder? (It’s right below the soft mesh pouch for the phone).
    The straw can go through the shoulder strap which is hollow.
    You can pick which side *left or right* you want the straw to come out yourself!

    • BigJesse says:

      The issue there is that it is rubbing against whatever else I may have in my pack. I did notice it though. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I regularly use the 5.11 72hour Rush pack. roomy and well laid out, plus its bladder pocket is dedicated to a bladder. This pack looks similar, but by your description seems a little less functional

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